Thank you, Volos city!


The Prosvasis team along with the InterMedi@KT team have completed the registration of accessible points in the coastal port city of Volos, midway on the Greek mainland. The people there welcomed us and they were really excited to learn more about how they can help their disabled fellow citizens. We all gathered there for the same goal: To augment the boundaries of accessibility!


After a thorough study, we realised that almost 10% of the Volos’ restaurants and cafes were fully accessible. This is definitely a percentage that can increase given the city’s standards and citizen’s willingness.


Χωρίς τίτλο

Special thanks to:

  1. The Association of Disabled People of Magnesia “Ippokampos”
  2. The Special forces club
  3. The Laboratory of special professional education and training
  4. The 5th high school of Volos
  5. The university of Thessaly
  6. All local mass media of Volos
  7. La petite Cantine

The «Accessible Paths» project will continue to seek new destinations in order to share information about accessible points with all those who need it. «Let’s all share our knowledge of accessible points of interest through the web and help the people who benefit from this info!»

The project is funded from Stavros Niarhos foundation.


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