Prosvasis and Intermedi@kt teams will spend a couple of days in Volos city, in order to locate and register as many fully accessible points of interest( abbr.POI) as possible. We’ll be there on November 15 to November 16.


Mapping of accessible points in Volos city is taking place as part of “Accessible paths – A society aware of disabled people” project. Our goal is to add more and more points of interest that are fully accessible on our www.prosvasis.co platform and, in extension, create accessible destinations via using a geographic information system.


Each and everyone of us can register one new point every day by just roaming around the city, and help our fellow citizens with disabilities to join us and enjoy the city themselves, as well.

Ourwww.prosvasis.co tool is an online platform for disabled people, where fully accessible points of interest are collected and pined on a map, so that users can easily create their own fully accessible route.

More specifically, the accessible points of interest pined on Prosvasis are:

  1.      Restaurants / Cafes
  2.      Hotels with fully accessible rooms
  3.      Civilization Points (e.g. Museums)
  4.      Disabled parking spaces
  5.      Pedestrian walkways (e.g. Accessible beach promenade)
  6.      Cinema / theatre
  7.      Accessible seas, via SEATRAC system
  8.      Schools for children with physical disabilities
  9.      Special schools

We’re encouraging you to suggest as many as the above-mentioned points of interest, pin these POIs on our platform, learn more about Prosvasis project, and spread the news about our action. We should all start looking differently at the places we’re visiting and feel empathy for our disabled fellow citizens all over the world.

The more the people who are sharing their knowledge regarding accessibility the bigger the number of people benefiting from that. The project is funded from Stavros Niarhos foundation.

Feel free to contact project’s team via email and/or Facebook. We’ll be glad to meet you and help you with any questions you might have or collect your valuable feedback.


More information:

Prosvasis.co | info@prosvasis.co |
Fb Profile:  Prosvasis Platform
Fb Page: Prosvasis.co
Official Website http://www.prosvasis.co/
Intermedi@kT http://intermediakt.org/ | Email
Fb InterMedi@KT


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