We are the school!

Visit at Primary school in Efpalio occasioned by the world day for people with disabilities.


«Diferrence is a qualification, not a fault» that was the message which we have tried through beautiful games to get  across to the chidren.

We have shown to them how to learn and respect their and others” diversity. The problem starts at school where professors  have to give their wisdom to children and pass on to new generations the proper education in order to create tomorrow’s active citizens in a society that respects people.

We compliment on Mrs Katerina Mantalou’s work (teacher in the sixth grade of Efpalion elementary school) for her support and initiative.  Furthermore, we cordially thank the school which opened its doors to us and also everyone who does his work in the right way and promotes the active citizens of tomorrow with virtues and values.

The programme began with instructional videos that promote diversity,  following fairytales aiming to each other’s respect and then young students starred in a play. Finally, there was an open discussion with students and a photo exhibition about disability and tourism.