About us


In our everyday life, roaming around and transportation, traveling and entertainment, seem concepts taken for granted. Still, it is not the same to all our fellow citizens. Disabled people constitute almost 50% of the total population. 

However, accessibility and targeted information about it, is insufficient if non-existent. The infrastructures do exist, but they are sadly not known to the corresponding target group of people.

Greece has proportionally similar number in disabled people, with the difference that in the rest of European countries, except Greece, these people are not “trapped” in their houses. The disabled tourists, that are visiting our country, are even having difficulties in locating any  accessible point of interest.

Sometimes, everyday life for people with limited mobility seems difficult if not unbearable. Problems such as: public services without elevators, stairs at the entrance of restaurants and cafes, narrow aisles in supermarkets and retail stores, and – very often – toilets that are not suitable for wheelchairs, are really common.

For all the above-mentioned reasons, we created the online mapping platform Prosvasis.co – With reviews and recommendations for a wide variety of entertaiment options and accommodation for people with physical disabilities.

The name of the Platform «Prosvasis» was deliberately chosen. It comes from the Greek word prosvasi, a modernization of the ancient Greek term prosvasis (πρόσβαση-πρόσβασις) which means «access».


Prosvasis.co information

This mapping platform is an electronic compass, that includes areas where people with physical disabilities can locate points of interest(abbr.POI) , based on crowdsourced reviews.

The 4-step process is easy:

Step 1:  Enter www.prosvasis.co

Step 2: Pin a new point, that you have visited and you know it’s fully accessible, or search for an accessible POI, and rate or review an existing one

Step 3: Start seeing places around you differently, as a person who finds it hard to move with ease.

Step 4: Be the change by supporting our efforts!